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What can we do for you?

Effective marketing and communication requires a strong strategic concept that will strengthen your company’s branding. Whatever your message is,
we’ll make sure it reaches your target audience, seduces them and convinces them. Ads, magazines, books, catalogues, website, promotional materials,
radio and video commercials, newsletters, billboards, direct mailing - whatever you need, we’ll make it!
INK Service


We help you think about the best way to position your brand.
With the right tactics and a consistent strategic plan, we make it happen.
We love your brand.
INK Service

Graphic Design

Sculpting images and text in a creative way: our graphic designers can work miracles.
They bring the right atmosphere to your story.
An INKredible perfect match.

INK Service


From simple to complex websites: we know how to tackle them.
We listen to your needs and give you the best possible advice. Together, we build an online home for your business.
Your online communication: functional and dashing as it should be.
INK Service


A picture says more than a thousand words - at INK, we live by that creed:
images are downright essential to your communication.
First impressions really matter. 
INK Service


With an amazing eye for detail, our touch-up team creates complexe image assemblies and corrections.
We create the perfect image in the perfect setting.
The details are, in fact, not the details: they make the design.