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Bare fine jewelry

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01. Photography

BARE Fine Jewelry is about redefining classic jewelry items in a contemporary form. Shapes are studied, re-imagined and revided to enhance beauty and blend the timeless with the comtemporary. Dries Criel, the designer behind the brand, finds inspiration from his background as a modern dancer, his travels, antique jewelry, architecture, and contemporary art. The BARE pieces are handcrafted by the best artisans in Antwerp using the finest materials available. P.S.: Lady Gaga isn’t the only one who loves BARE’s fine jewelry!

02. Video

If it’s not the exquisite jewelry that strikes your attention, it most definitely will be Dries’s choice of fearless, dazzling imagery. Through the years INK has created several short, ravishing instagram video’s to support BARE’s brands story.

03. Webdesign

BARE Fine Jewelry will soon be available on its brand new webshop. Dries presented us a clear vision for the website which we translated into a detailed design that focuses on both the exclusivity of the jewelry brand as the user experience on the webshop.