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Due Amanti

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01. Photography

No modest clothing, but not lavish either. Due Amanti went for the golden mean; just right. Classy shouldn’t be boring; Due Amanti prefers sparkling stylish. That is why the team regularly travels to Italy to brainstorm, try out, adapt and ultimately create inspiring looks, together with their manufacturers.

02. Video

At Due Amanti, it’s all about the woman. What does she think of a certain garment, how does she like the color, how does she experience the comfort of a certain fit? The women’s collections are ideal for a woman who is confident and cheerful in life and who is absolutely not afraid to show that to the outside world. Mannequins are visible in the store, but they remain well out of sight during the design process. After all, nothing can match the shapes of real models, on which every collection piece is tested and inspected.

03. Graphic design

Due Amanti resolutely chooses not to sell through its own webshop. They fully entrust the sale of their collections to their partnering points of sale. Every season INK creates an attractive brochure to support these in-store sales.