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Joke Quick

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01. Photography

Jewelry designer Joke Quick is a passionate hunter of unique gemstones and diamonds. Not only the rarest pieces, but stones with character and charisma as well. This focus and her affinity with color combinations result in unique, stunning jewelry creations. Which off course demand unique, stunning imagery.

02. Video

《 If I had my way, I’d wear jewelry, a great pair of heels and nothing else… 》 Nudity holds a kind of vulnerability and fragility, but at the same time it highlights strength. A strength that is also symbolised by majestic, colourful and captivating jewelry pieces.

03. Graphic

Joke’s passion for gems flared up when she discovered her grandfather’s gems treasure chest that has inspired her ever since. Up till now it has inspired her to various collections. For over 19 years now, her creations have been hand-crafted in collaboration with the best experts from the Antwerp diamond quarter.

04. Product

Joke Quick creates magnificent jewelry that diffuses a rainbow of colours. The colours, the positioning of the gems … Every piece is a unique creation and deserves excellent product photography. On black or white, which is your favourite?