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Viva Veranda

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01. Graphic

Viva Veranda is a publication full of inspirational photography and lifestyle articles about porches, interior design, etc. specially designed to inspire people to dream big.

02. Photography

On behalf of the National Federation of veranda constructors, INK has created an annual magazine. INK delivered a complete project from concept to photography, touch-up, commercialisation and distribution.

03. Webdesign

To spread the content of the Viva Veranda magazine online as well, INK created an inspiring blog. Go check out and discover all you need to know about verandas!

04. Video

To promote both the website and the magazine, we created a video for use in a facebook campaign.

05. Social media

In order to distribute the content of the magazine, INK created profiles on several social media. Through online advertising we quickly increased the number of our facebook fans; going from 74 to almost 5000 followers in a blink!