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3D Concept Photography Retouch


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01. Photography

Joli is a Belgian quality brand, specialised in production of furniture in metal, aluminum, stainless steel and chairs of high quality for both interior as well as exterior use. Each and every piece is the result of handicraft. This approach makes it possible to offer you custom craftsmanship. With that offer, they occupy a unique position worldwide.

02. 3D visualisation

Alongside the product- and campaign photography, INK has created a 3D visualisation supporting the brand in telling its story. With a 3D visualisation you don’t only get to see the product from different angles, it also shows great detail and texture. A perfect way to highlight Joli’s craftsmanship!

03. Graphics

As an addition to complete the story, INK designed an elegant brochure that inspires readers, and emphasises Joli’s stylish products and its great imagery.

04. Video animation