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Concept Graphic design Photography Video

Salima Thakker

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01. Photography

Jewellery designer, Salima Thakker, was born and raised in Antwerp. Already from a young age, she has held a fascination for precious stones and the enigmatic qualities that they possess.

02. Video

Salima Thakker’s jewellery designs encapsulate certain influences that not only reflect her own personal interpretation of an inclusive society, but also represent a movement that entwine shared culture and ethnic origins with craftsmanship which are, in essence, a fusion of world culture.

03. Graphic design

Salima’s unconventional approach to design is a process that takes her handwritten notes directly into shaping a tangible material that bypasses the sketch phase entirely. It’s a step by step process that begins as a mental conceptual collage which first collides with her abstract imagination.